Living in 21 Century…..


Living in 21 Century and understanding our evolution is a quiet a challenge. Our personal lives , society, economy, everything is changing with a speed of light. People are losing jobs, conflict, chaos on all levels.

So what is  going on here and what are we dealing with?  We will get as much different answer as many people we talk to and so we will have to find the best answer that is resonating with our own CORE. That means there is no just one answer and there is no right one either.

From my own experience and as many people I  spoke with and read about we are going trough big changes and one of them is a change of ERA where the old rules and beliefs are just no longer supporting the evolution of humanity. There is this intense idea to fix the economy , to fix the system, to fix people and as we can see nothing is working. It may work temporary and then it collapses after a short period of time jet people are afraid to recognize the truth that is just not gonna work and we just have to get real and recognize what is in front of us.

We bin all called here and nobody is saved from the responsibly and action what we are facing . Some are even saying that if we do not truly wake up to what is really going on we may face the 6th human extinction. Jet the sad part of the story is that most of the humanity is even not aware how serious our world situation is.  We are facing environmental disasters from intense wetter abnormalities, pollution in the air, water , our food is getting impacted with GMO and people are upset yet it seems as nobody cares. Can we still have a chance to turn around and start to make different choices that will include full responsibility for our actions ,care for others and for the planet? This will be not a one man action but a collective effort. First, we have to become aware of a collective humanity and recognize the challenges we are facing . We got ourself in this situation we can get our self out but we need to want to face the truth….is no way to hide any m,ore. Can we  decide to choose different thoughts ,words, and actions that will support sustainable living, help restore our reality in and around as and create peace ,help prevent potential global catastrophe. For thousands of years humanity is dealing with suffering, wars, disasters and we been here at this pivotal point more then once but we had not experienced for long, long time as harmonious creation, we have a choice now but we have to have a change of heart  and make a choice that will include others with respect, love and right intention…the 21 century is asking us to step up and we have to step up fast …no more thinking .. this is a time for action.

Much Love…Magdalena

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