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Transformational Life Coaching- 90 Day Challenge !                            The ART of Conscious Living ,Thinking, Creating…..Coaching as a support to New Lifestyle, is not a Luxury any more but a NORM. I was saying 25 years ago about the massage the same thing and today massage is the norm so is Coaching becoming a part of creative living. It is not for everybody but for those who are looking for living outside the BOX. We are moving into whole new energies and realities, people are rising consciousness and teaching for this kind of need is not thought necessary in schools  or colleges. It is important for people who a searching  for help in this field to find solution. We are all walking in whole new territories so it is great to find pioneers who step forward and just trust the journey. Many  people are searching for new information and integration that will make they life’s better but do not have the extra time that is needed for information and for research to find what will support they ART of thinking and living ….Welcome to new ERA and the new paradigm.

This is a online class and is easy to access Nationally -Internationally.

This online  class  start with 4x 1 weekly calls for 60-90 minutes and repeats  for 4 weeks  the same day for 60-90 minute and for another 2 months, ones a month 1 extra call for  60-90 minute to re- focus, re-cup and fine tune or overcome challenges or obstacle and create breakthroughs.

This is for individual one on one or it can be  done in group seating and the space is limited to 10 individuals, so we can spend a great time and include everybody and have a higher rate of individual accomplishment.


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Life coaching 90-day challenge



Online Conference call: Awaken Heart

String of hearts

Transforming the broken heart to feel love and joy again in your life’s .Awaken your heart from being in pain to feel happy. Get in touch with the pain that is berried deep down in your heart, give it voice so you can heal and start to feel again. This conference call will be to find WHY do we want to get in touch with our berried feelings and what happens when we start to heal those hidden aspects of our self. If you still hold pain, unresolved issue ,have hard time to forgive or mad about somebody ells then you are in a right place where you emotions will find home without being judged. This will help you to embrace those emotions and keep them home. Transform lower chakras conscciousness and connect with higher chakras From conditional to unconditional love From being self centered to trust others and life Get in touch with emotions =intuition From goal oriented /intellectual to intention/desire Get out of spiritual deception If we want to be whole again then we want to embrace all parts of our self . When we embrace the pain we come alive. Are you ready to open your heart ,embrace the pain and empower yourself , be who you truly are stand your authentic self. As a massage therapist and wellness practitioner for over 18 years I had a chance to see first hand how emotional stress impacts human body and the importance of intellectual and emotional health and the impact in other area of life.This call could change the way your are living your life, shift the concept and awaken to your heart and life and get the benefit from this call ,register here for the class . Date: May 31.2014 , Ttime: 6.00 PM EST “Online” Price: $49.99 Register:     Looking forward to hear from you on the call… with Loving Heart Magdalena


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