Happy 2011…

Happy 2011…
I am always excited about a new year!!!! I love to go to walk in the city see smiling faces everybody is in a great mood and then the fireworks!!!! There is something about them that gets under my skin.I love the colors ,spectacular radiance ,all the play they perform in the sky !!! But I think something deeper happens because there is so much noise ,colors , and disruption crates almost chaos and as you know chaos breaks the patterns, so this year I figured out, this is why I love the fireworks!!! Audio and visual noise creates chemical change in the body that is connected with such a excitement, being surrounded with huge group of people we intensify this feeling.This is same as when you watch you fevered game and the whole stadium is an the feet…nothing ells exist but that moment ,moment of NOW!!! How exciting!!!! Great way to bring myself into present moment and share with others.And what is even more exciting the whole world is part of this energy momentum for least 24 hours.Did you ever watched for 24 hours celebration around the world ??? I did and it was spectacular…!! So I just want to continue with my excitement and want to share with the world !!! Have a great year 2011 ,keep smiling , love life and what you do…. the rest will be taken care!!!!

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Owner and CEO for over 16 years in health and wellness. Practicing massage therapy, reflexology, energy work,. holistic coaching ,facilitating classes for personal development and spiritual growth. Dedicated helping others by sharing my experience and knowledge, challenges ,what was helpful and what was not . Encouraging others to engage them self and become the driver of they own life,moving from being a victim and being on the autopilot and just reacting to life to become active participant and start navigating in the direction of they own heart desires !! Love life and love your SELF ! This is the most important start and from here the sky is the limit !! Now are you ready?

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    Great post!
    Whenever new year start we start to think how would be that year. feel good when people celebrate new year.
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