Generational Gap…

I have been reflecting upon so many things recently, wrapping my mind around to understand and is not easy. We are living in this technological society where we are so distanced from each other and is becoming so mechanical. We are living so much from our intellectual side and our true nature is not alive, buried with so many responsibilities and stress. I remember when I was a kid the time was endless and people had much more time for each other. We had time to talk to each other and to listen to each other. Today everything has to be managed, every second of ourcropped-orchids_explored3.jpg life has to be calculated. Are you surprised that our body is overwhelmed by all this pressure, I am not. This is the paste of our Industrial Era of living. So what is that mean, it means we have to learn how to live and adjust to this new living that brings stress, pollution to the different lifestyle we were used. So the word is: adjust, adjust, adjust….our thinking world, our emotional world, beliefs and everything ells what we thought that is real it may just have to go. I learned to live by what I thought this morning is the truth is not valid anymore by the evening ..this was hard because I had to give up so much I was holding on to. All the mental, emotional molecules are holding our thoughts, feelings from the past that are not resolved . When we start to work on a much deeper level we will make changes in our life’s and stop ancestral repetition. We will start to attract completely new energies around as and past will not have impact on as. We need not only our body cleansed from impurities  but working with mental-emotional left over residue’s that are holding us back. Accepting only fraction of our self we leave a huge part out that is holding our ESSENCE that is still part of us that we are not willing to allow to come home or as they call it SHADOW because of guilt or shame . So we and the Industrial Era have something in common, we are both polluted and is time for clean up if we want to make as a HUMAN and be able to leave something for the next generations that are coming after us…. the cosmic energies are playing the concert and we have to dance to the tunes…to stay in sync. Do you feel it….the frequencies are rising and we have to keep our bodies clean to absorb the vibrations. Leave one out and our body’s will suffer.We have to work on all levels to feel the GAP and to be able to live more balanced and harmonious life.

About Wellness

Owner and CEO for over 16 years in health and wellness. Practicing massage therapy, reflexology, energy work,. holistic coaching ,facilitating classes for personal development and spiritual growth. Dedicated helping others by sharing my experience and knowledge, challenges ,what was helpful and what was not . Encouraging others to engage them self and become the driver of they own life,moving from being a victim and being on the autopilot and just reacting to life to become active participant and start navigating in the direction of they own heart desires !! Love life and love your SELF ! This is the most important start and from here the sky is the limit !! Now are you ready?

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