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Hello World Podcast #..11 Technology and Humans, creating a healthy balance …Are we as Humans using too much technology and sabotaging our Humane’s. .or could we create healthy balance?? We as parents have a tough job in this age of technology…engaging our children to play and use creative aspect of imagination and as an adult take time out from technology and be human for change..

Listen to “Hello World..#11 Technology and Humans ..creating a healthy balance ..” on Spreaker.

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International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day™ September 30, 2016 #PodcastDay

Help spread the word! International Podcast Day™ is dedicated to promoting Podcasting worldwide through education and public engagement. You may be asking, what can I do to help and what can I do to get involved on International Podcast Day?


My podcasting “Hello World”, is about health, wellbeing, conscious living and consciously  co-creating , transforming beliefs, patterns, and roadblocks that are outgrown and not serving us in constructive living with transformational coaching. Being an information highway to the Global community who is seeking.

Thank you for tuning in and being a great listener !






Dive into something new


sea sky beach holiday medium 300x200 Dive into something new


So how do you feel in general this day? Many would not know what is this question about. If you are sensitive or working with your own journey and follow the energy, what is going on daily you will know what I am talking about.

We had recently 6 planets retrograde and this brought huge energy fluctuations. Being challenged on so many levels sometimes is hard to keep cool and everything under control. Even do keeping under control can mean so many things. I don’t talk about controlling the situation but to keep our self in focus and not sleep back into the glitch of  the situation. To do that we have to practice over and over again til we can just stop and re-focus automatically, as it becomes our second nature.

I decided to write this article because there is so much stuff going on and is becoming quite confusing  about so many things. especially what is right and what is wrong, what system is good which one will get you. I am including myself here since I am trying to figure out as so many of you so I am on the journey also. Did I got cut in many hoops and loops ? yes…and still searching to understand the bigger aspect what is happening here. In the past when  I thought I got a grip on something, bang new info popped up that canceled everything out and I brought me to square one again. After going trough this rollercoaster too many times I started to get glimpses that when this kind of flux happen I am dealing with many aspects of myself and  realities. That started to make much more sense and getting less confusing.  Every reality plays by its own rules and I could observe the difference. What if we call them just different programs and systems we live in it. Did you ever notice that you can be daily in so many different aspects of yourself that you are even not noticing ? The energies are constantly changing and so does our respond to inside and outside changes. ‘

Recently I had my guest on  my radio show and we been talking about what if we would  have  no names for conditions ,what if ?  this is only an incorrect information in the  information field? and we could correct the information? What if you can? By becoming aware of the beliefs, patterns, cycles you can stop the looping and rewrite your reality. But

What if you can? By becoming aware of the beliefs, patterns, cycles you can stop the looping and rewrite your reality. But first, you have to find the firewall that is hidden in your thinking /program that is stopping you/cancels out  this information of the possibility and many others.

I found that Uranus in Aries is showing us enormous opportunities to create a new way of think and to free our mind from old programming since Uranus is a rebel and wants the breakthrough.

So how can we go beyond the firewall of our mind???

Dive into something new even do is so frightening.





























Lifestyles that Optimize Your Health with Magdalena Winkler

Today I am featured on the Conscious Millionaire Health Podcast with J V Crum III discussing entrepreneurs and health


Podcast Layered RealityShow WRB 300x300 Lifestyles that Optimize Your Health with Magdalena Winkler

54: Lifestyles that Optimize Your Health with Magdalena Winkle

CTYO89 WIAAfDc8 300x150 Lifestyles that Optimize Your Health with Magdalena Winkler

Great Interview on Conscious Millionaire Health Podcast – give a listen :

Click to listen now: http://bit.ly/1NSs1Vn

iTunes Link to subscribe: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/conscious-millionaire-health/id1018001621

Sticher Link to subscribe: http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=69622&refid=stpr

I’m excited to be a guest on J V Crum III’s Conscious Millionaire Health Podcast today. It’s a show designed to give you the information and support you need as a busy entrepreneur to create work-life balance and reach your health and fitness goals. As conscious entrepreneurs, we need to be at our optimum state in order to make our own lives to the fullest!

It also includes video blogs, expert interviews, and a reality show that includes 30 Day Challenges!

Click here to read all the Show Notes: http://consciousmillionaire.com/54-magdalena-winkler/

Enjoy the podcast!







Gratitude Community

Welcome to Global Gratitude Community !                                                                Connect collectively,raise vibration to kindness, appreciation, thankfulness,, key attitude connecting to health and wealth ! Build a state of mind that is moving from survival to possibilities….This page is solely for Thought of Gratitude to share !♥


Power of Network

microphone 398738 640 300x225 Power of Network

On May 2015, I attended Florida Podcaster Assoc. meeting and had an opportunity to meet JV Crum III. from Conscious Millionaires. I am always looking to find a guest for my radio show so the word Conscious very much ringed the bell.     
At the end of our meeting, I went to introduce myself to him and just wanted to say Hi since he was moving to Denver end of the month. In our short conversation, I asked him does he know Coach SteveToth, from CEM Network   http://www.consciousevolutionmedia.com/?q=content/living-consciously-tv-show and he said NO… We worked out that I will connect him with Coach Steve.

As a great surprise,  JV Crum III called me the next day and invited me to be the guest on his Podcast… here is his @ to me 9 days ago:  
Hello Magdalena,
My big thanks for being a guest on the new Conscious Millionaire Health Reality Podcast. This is a revolutionary show and you are on the ground floor of it. The time is now.  This week we are officially launching with three shows airing a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In addition, we are doing video blogs.To help audience listeners, I’m starting the first “30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge for Entrepreneurs” this week so that I can support other entrepreneurs in achieving their goals! (You are welcome to join in – just reply and let me know and I’ll help you get signed up).
Listen to the show and then “Subscribe (very critical), Rate and Review”. We need the all three to get into New & Noteworthy. Click on this link to Listen then Subscribe, Rate & Review.Getting into New & Noteworthy lets podcast listeners know about the podcast.
Thanks so much for your time and for being on the show!! I sincerely appreciate your help as we all launch this show. My goal is to touch millions of entrepreneur’s lives and make a positive difference in their health and fitness. With your help, we can!
Keep Making Your Difference!
So I thought I would like to share this info with you.
This is the host, J V Crum III, second podcast. His first has been a bit hit and now he wants to help entrepreneurs achieve optimum health and fitness. He gained over 100 pounds with his father died. Now he’s made a commitment to lose 100 pounds in 9 months. The show came out of his desire to help other entrepreneurs reach their peak state so they make their biggest difference and have the energy to reach their financial goals while enjoying their own work-life balance.Please give it a listen. And, if you love it  consider Subscribing, Rating and Reviewing it so others hear about it.Listen to it by clicking this link…apple.co/1KVrLmH 
Thank you and enjoy the podcasting, share with others, together we can make the difference in the WORLD….I will be the guest on August 5th, on the new Conscious Millionaire Health Reality Podcast… Thank you JV Crum III for the invitation! 

Living in 21 Century…..

earth QUOTE1.thmb  Living in 21 Century.....

Living in 21 Century and understanding our evolution is a quiet a challenge. Our personal lives , society, economy, everything is changing with a speed of light. People are losing jobs, conflict, chaos on all levels.

So what is  going on here and what are we dealing with?  We will get as much different answer as many people we talk to and so we will have to find the best answer that is resonating with our own CORE. That means there is no just one answer and there is no right one either.

From my own experience and as many people I  spoke with and read about we are going trough big changes and one of them is a change of ERA where the old rules and beliefs are just no longer supporting the evolution of humanity. There is this intense idea to fix the economy , to fix the system, to fix people and as we can see nothing is working. It may work temporary and then it collapses after a short period of time jet people are afraid to recognize the truth that is just not gonna work and we just have to get real and recognize what is in front of us.

We bin all called here and nobody is saved from the responsibly and action what we are facing . Some are even saying that if we do not truly wake up to what is really going on we may face the 6th human extinction. Jet the sad part of the story is that most of the humanity is even not aware how serious our world situation is.  We are facing environmental disasters from intense wetter abnormalities, pollution in the air, water , our food is getting impacted with GMO and people are upset yet it seems as nobody cares. Can we still have a chance to turn around and start to make different choices that will include full responsibility for our actions ,care for others and for the planet? This will be not a one man action but a collective effort. First, we have to become aware of a collective humanity and recognize the challenges we are facing . We got ourself in this situation we can get our self out but we need to want to face the truth….is no way to hide any m,ore. Can we  decide to choose different thoughts ,words, and actions that will support sustainable living, help restore our reality in and around as and create peace ,help prevent potential global catastrophe. For thousands of years humanity is dealing with suffering, wars, disasters and we been here at this pivotal point more then once but we had not experienced for long, long time as harmonious creation, we have a choice now but we have to have a change of heart  and make a choice that will include others with respect, love and right intention…the 21 century is asking us to step up and we have to step up fast …no more thinking .. this is a time for action.

Much Love…Magdalena

If you are interested in conscious living tune in my bi-weekly radio show on BBS radio network  “Conscious Thought with Leo”  http://bbsradio.com/consciousthoughtwithleo  and get connect with like-minded community.




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My radio show

Conscious Thought with Leo banner 2 300x75 My radio show  Great start for 2015!                                                                                                                              January 07.2015 I started my radio show on BBS and have great fun with it. It is a little challenging since English is my 5th language but this is not holding me back from not  doing  it. Having a Gemini moon communication is the king. Trough years I found interesting how people like to listen to somebody with accent. The world is getting smaller and smaller since we can travel quick around the world or reach somebody just by click off button. Being mulch cultural is fun and helps me also to reach more people and understand  different cultures.                                                                                                                   It all started last September when I was approached by another radio station asking me to consider maybe become a host . They found my bio on the Linkedin, liked and contacted me. At the end it didn’t work our since it was to much money to invest for me. But what became intriguing to me  that from so many people on ;Linkedin I got a cal. That changed everything. I would never thought I want to do a radio show  but this experience put a seed in my heart. I was looking to reach and expand myself to next level so I could be available to a bigger audience and  could share the opportunity for Transformational Life Coaching with people who would be interested in my work .This show became a opportunity and platform where I can blend the show and people can know me more and that opens the door for them and opportunity to work with me as a Life Coach. Interesting we never know how the universe may find ways to communicate with us .WE just have to be open and to listen and know when to act.                                                                                                                                      I am excited to share with all of you information that is related to life, health , personal growth and advancement, conscious living. My passion is humanity and living on our planet earth. This is why I am also interested to bring guests that have experience in they own field that supports similar thinking. Excited to share my journey with and if you have any question or have a input feel free to contact me ….and tune in  for the next show !

Leo                                                                                                                                                                http://spiritualnetworks.com/blog/124674/my-radio-show/                                                        http://bbsradio.com/consciousthoughtwithleo    show page 


Awaken Heart- Life Coaching

Life Coaching “Awaken Heart ” program is about getting in touch with our own true feelings , intuition and different way how we connect with life. Understand and know our self. Everybody knows by now that we are experiencing so many changes and difficulties and have a hard time to create a right course in our life. We can continue the old way , finding a new solution to the problem jet recognizing down the road it will lead us into dead end. Did you ever had that experience? Or we can stop and take a whole new approach and recognize that what we are doing is not working .There are infinite amount of programs out there that will tell you what to do, how to do it. How many did you try ?and still looking? I am not here to tell what is wrong and what is right , this is not about that. What we are here is to take a whole new look, create a whole new concept that will shift the paradigm we are in to a new level. Understanding misconception will help to see why we are doing what we are doing and find a simplifed way to life.                                       Helping other to create they life with simple approach and in process know them self is a whole key to life. We bin down many pats and now we want to go for a new one never traveled before!

Dare to Dream……Magdalena

For individual Transformational life coaching online : https://app.lifecoachoffice.com/open/regclient/199   Price$99.00 / 1 hour                                                                          more   http://internationalwellnessnet.com/services-and-pricing/                                           

Awaken Heart Individual first session discount :https://app.lifecoachoffice.com/open/regclient/240  Price:69.99 /1 hour

Aawaken Heart

Our New Timeline

Desert 300x225 Our New Timeline

I decided to do something new and use my blog as a chronicle. Instead to delete or create totally new blog or website I recognized the importance to see the changes.  As we are going trough our own life’s we are dealing constantly with change  and we can’t delete that part either. We are deluding our own self  by pounding the idea if  I just forget what happen to me everything will be OK.  Did we somehow  got disconnected from the history or the past?  Didn’t that get as here where we are in the first place? No, not everything was perfect and we know that but there was  so much wisdom and knowledge and here is the important part “how was that used  and abused ” and today is not different. We are living in the age of technology and information era .We are bombarded with incredible amount of information and not every information is valid and this not gonna stop. By understanding our past we can see what went wrong and we can make a different choice. In the healing we work on integrating our shadow or part that we didn’t want to deal with or is to painful to revisit. If you wounder what is going on in the world today this is a perfect example. Everything what we do not want to deal with it will show up in the world as a mirror. Just take for instance economy. We are dealing with such a incredible turmoil and nobody wants to touch the shadow site. So can we solve it ? Yes! but we would need to go to the root of the problem. By ignoring the situation and just be positive by itself will do nothing because we are still holding in our energy field the emotional vibration of the trauma, habit or belief and every time we get triggered by a word or situation it will surface . I think now you can see how we are carrying with us unresolved conflicts and it can show up in every area of our life’s and it can be carried trough generations .That was my own personal awakening when I recognized that everything that stays unresolved will  impact generations coming after me. That was the beginning to know myself. But this is not influencing me alone and we are in this global awakening together. We can pretend is not happening or we go with it. There is this internal feeling that something bigger is happening  even do I can’t explain but I can’t denial it either. I call it a New Timeline . We have a chance to do it different. But  we also have to have a whole new set of tools and we have to be grounded  in our core. It takes work but we can do it. Every new birth is painful and so is our own New Timeline, exciting to awake to  possibilities by waking up to our own self.




Generational Gap…

I bin reflecting upon so many things recently, wrapping my mind around to understand and is not easy. We are living in this technological society where we are so distanced from each other and is becoming so mechanical. We are living so much from our intellectual side and our true nature is not alive, buried with so much responsibilities and stress. I remember when I was a kid the time was endless and people had much more time for each others. We had time to talk to each other and to listen to each other. Today everything has to be managed, every second of ourcropped orchids explored3 300x63 Generational Gap... life has to be calculated. Are you surprised that our body is overwhelmed bay all this pressure, I am not. This is the paste of our Industrial Era of living. So what is that mean, it means we have to learn how to live and adjust to this new living that brings stress, pollution to the different lifestyle we bin used to  So the word is adjust, adjust, adjust….our thinking world, our emotional world, beliefs and everything ells what we thought that is real it may just have to go. I learned to live by what I thought this morning is truth is not valid any more by the evening ..this was hard because I had to give up so much I was holding on to. All the mental, emotional molecule’s are holding our thoughts, feelings from the past that are not resolved  http://youtu.be/4pivthzX544  . When we start to work on much deeper level we will make changes in our life’s and stop ancestral repetition. We will start to attract completely new energies around as and past will not have impact on as. We need not only our body cleansed from impurities  http://internationalwellnessnet.com/30daybodytransformation/  but working with mental-emotional left over residue’s that are holding us back. Accepting only fraction of our self we leave a huge part out that is holding our ESSENCE that is still part of us that we are not willing to allow to come home or as they call it SHADOW because of guilt or shame . So we and the Industrial Era have something in common, we are both polluted and is time for clean up if we want to make as a HUMAN and be able to leave something for the next generations that are coming after us…. the cosmic energies are playing the concert and we have to dance to the tunes…to stay in sync. Do you feel it….the frequencies are rising and we have to keep our bodies clean to absorb the vibrations. Leave one out and our body’s will suffer.We have to work on all levels to feel the GAP and to be able to live more balanced and harmonious life.


Magdalena Winkler @ WellnessCirkle/Florida

Are you in health and wellness ,and would like to promote your business to holistic community ??? This is your chance !!! You can check out my site http://www.wellnesscircle.com/services/tampa/florida/magdalena-winkler-cleansing-and-detox-tampa.html#.UPDkIJysKzQ.twitter


Red Ice Radio – Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion

Red Ice Radio – Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion.

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2012 and beyond……!

symphony 300x225 2012 and beyond......!
As the 2012 is coming to end I decided to track what I learned and share with others…so the 2012 and beyond is perfect tittle .
First I want to give thanks to life that presented me with incredible opportunities and is part what is important to me in my life .What is important to me may not be important to others but is still amazing ..this is the reason what got me inspired to write this article .I love to be observer just to see what is happening in front of me and how is playing itself out. Reading articles, following social media, participating online seminars, webinar’s or life seminars, classes…just to be informed what is going on…Living in high speed instant gratification world you want to be informed and know what is going on…right? Yes … and yet is has its own down fall. You are spending so much time being involved, trying to figure out, then you feel exhausted and burned out almost no time for yourself!  I think you can relate to all of this. Now the question do you need to do all of this or not?? Here is the paradox we are all dealing with and this is where you need to make a decision for your self. I can’t make a decision for you but this is how I do. To educate myself is very important to me, I want to know what is going on and be conscious so I invest in myself .Most people think they don’t want to spend money on them self, this is not spending money it is investing in myself and that is a huge difference. WHY??? Being aware what is going on I can make my own decision and not be pulled into the collective. Most of the time the collective is just copying the TREND and selling without having the true meaning behind. Did you ever tried to check out somebody who may claim that they are experts and find out you know as much as they, you may just lack tools how to get you on first place on Google. What I recognized with all the 2012 and beyond ..that many didn’t understand the true meaning and bin expecting all the doomsday happening on the physical plane,yet most of it is happening on the energetic plane where we don’t see it….almost like the computer. Has to get upgraded to function propriety to deliver the right information so we can act upon. Many people still function on old windows and expecting new results…the computer is not broken just need a upgrade.So don’t get cut in all the rarara’s which is equal to all the apps but not moving you to new heights,those are just giving you more of the same. Find all those apps in yourself, dance to your own tunes ,bring out the UNIQUE YOU….you can go horizontal or you can go vertical…it is up to you.

Many are asking me what is Intuitive Astrology, it is main own experience understanding the energetic vibrations that I broth when I was born and shows me the energetic patterns that I will face to get me vertical. There are no good or bad energies only bad aplications. It is just a toll like anything ells,I use it only to see the patterns not as prediction since I believe in free will of the individual. Anything I do I work with you not for you ….!!!

If you lake send me a comment,….life is good ,direct in direction that makes you want to dance and life will dance with YOU!  Get out the BOX…This blog is on: http://internationalwellnessnet.com/


Flax seed oil health benefits


Health products and tips

Astrology near Tampa, FL | WellnessCircle.com

If you like Astrology you will like Intuitive Astrology. Astrology near Tampa, FL | WellnessCircle.com. I bin using astrology for myself almost 20 years.I started to use when I was going trough very difficult times of my life.I was not using for prediction but to see what where the challenges I would have to overcome.So this is not a regular and traditional astrology I am using and applying the knowledge I gained over years in my practice and using energetic aspect to move the obstacles. I like to be aware and conscious about myself and this is exactly what it does..so I work with you not for YOU !


Andrew Kimbrell: The GMO Reality Check – Organic Connections

From:organicconnectmag.com; Education and information is the key .It is sad that we are living in  the 21 century, have so much knowledge and great technology, we could use for greater good for all of us without harm to humanity and nature.This is a great article about GMO . Andrew Kimbrell: The GMO Reality Check – Organic Connections.


The Secret Power of The Law of Attraction… and Levels of Consciousness

RE-POSTED from: The Secret Power of The Law of Attraction Presented By Mind Power 365: Levels of Consciousness By: Steve Pavlina : The Secret Power of The Law of Attraction Presented By Mind Power 365: Levels of Consciousness By: Steve Pavlina  This is a great article it shows you the different levels of consciousness where you ca see.different emotions and beliefs ….you can also get the book::Power vs Force ,David R.Hawkins…great tool to use understanding human behavior when  working with people. ..                                                                                                  More reading about Level of consciousness from WIKIPEDIA.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Level_of_consciousness_(Esotericism)


Be Legendary with Special Guest Doctor Ron Eccles 12/05 by Be Legendary | Blog Talk Radio

One of the Special Guests from 3 days WorldWideImpact Live event Dec.03-05 2012 in Tampa.I was fortunate to listen and speak with him in person… simple formula…yet  so mind bending !.    .

Be Legendary with Special Guest Doctor Ron Eccles 12/05 by Be Legendary | Blog Talk Radio.


Happenings Now – Orlando Alternative Health and Lifestyle Guide Directory

Be part of health and wellness community in Central Florida…directory,join for FREE    Happenings Now – Orlando Alternative Health and Lifestyle Guide Directory.

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Riding the Wave ….of Life..!!!

1021121835 300x225 Riding the Wave ....of Life..!!!

The East coast of the country is just recovering from storm Sandy that left devastating aftermath. As all this is happening I bin reflecting in my mind and my heart what has bin going on in the last 3-4 weeks.Have to say it is overwhelming, frustrating jet very humbling. In the last decade we as global community,have bin experiencing more and more chaos and people are confused not knowing what to do about and how to handle it. When we are constantly exposed to change and traumas this can have a huge impact on physical body,mental-emotional state and can brake down the internal foundation. Instead to work on the original cause people are getting medicated and the true issue is being bypassed. In the last 20 years there is a raise in alternative medicine and healing.Something that has bin practiced in ancient times but forgotten or gave rise to something new which is our medicine today .There bin conflicts along the way yet still missing the true understanding.What is missing is the realization that both modalities are important .We as human beings are advancing and learning more about our self ,the consciousness and awareness is expanding rapidly and in many cases the old models of medicine are just not supporting the growth.The traditional medicine is approaching only the physical body and the rest is not included which leaves 3/4 what makes as as a whole being or let say what we know today. The alternative approach is more inclusive and it sees the individual as a living energy that has consciousness and thinks for itself and is not just  helpless victim. We are seeing shift where more people are interested in personal growth and development ,using alternative therapies and taking more responsibilities for them self.This shift in structure is reflected in the outside world and shows up in form of chaos .This is where the panic begins and people feel they are loosing security and foundation underneath they feet.

What can be done to bridge this state or situation? First recognize that we are in times of rapid change and now you can move with it or you can stay stuck with it. Be willing to learn,be willing to adapt,be willing to invest in yourself,seek out people who bin already trough changes and they can help you to speed up the process. But the biggest realization is, we are here to involve as species, almost forced to grow up, take responsibility,natural disasters experiencing all around the GLOBE are just a remainder.Time to learn and know our self time, to be our self !!! How cool is that , so there is light at the end of tunnel but there is work to do.Time to whip of old stuff and have a clean slate and start over.Time to check you old belief, what you thought being truth, how do you see reality,you may have to give up all of it. It is OK because is not working anyway.

Cleanse your mind from old pattern and create new track’s of belief. Take care of your body.Have a cleanse on cellular  www.wellnessmw.isagenix.com. support the body to get rid of impurities and replenish with natural  supplements. Do exercise and move you body to keep it young and flexible. As painful the change may be you can see there is also excitement. You will learn to ride the wave of life and see that it can be fun you just need more practice  Be part of awakening community, people who are moving into heart vibration and care what is happening to others and to the planet. Find Balance in the chaos ….. Forgive .. Gratitude…this are the new tools !!! As Dr. Bruce Lipton is saying : the new SUCCESS is measured by how much LOVE, HAPPINESS, JOY, COMMUNITY do we have …!                                                                                                                                 Wellness


Passionate about health.? wellness..? International business….?

               Are you interested and passionate about health and wellness? ww.wellnessmw.isagenix.com . Nutritionally focused weight loss ,natural way to burn fat,  loose inches,build athletic body… cleansing the body on cellular level. Great body is build with great nutrition’s .Why cleanse ??? you would ask… when the body is overwhelmed with pollutant the communication on the cellular gets broken .Being in the health and wellness  field over 20 years I had many opportunities to see what is happening when the body is to toxic .Be it physical ,mental ,emotional, does not mater all the body want is to rest ,something to be changed ,or it will go into decay and starts to break down.My passion is to share with others and help them to make the change and help them to turn around with a new ROAD map and new tools/products …I am here to support you and help to accomplish what ever your goal is and you Dream .Get from fantasy to REALITY… for individuals, health professionals ,entrepreneurs who want to have a great platform with interest in health and wellness ,stay at home mom’s who want to make extra money…Time to empower yourself ,come into harmony and balance and JUST BE YOU!!!! Join the culture around the Globe and be part of awakening community that has the same interest health and wellness … and is passionate about !!!!

This products are available in 8 Countries : USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Australia, New Z eland,Hong-Kong,Taiwanwww.wellnessmw.isagenix.com. or you can listen to audio :1-641-715-3900 ext : 940159#  My absolutely fevered products and the reason I joined Isagenix International is Ionix Supreme and the delicious shakes ,chocolate is my choice ,there are many other great products but thees are absolutely MUST for me !!!

We will have additional FREE call with Clinical Nutritionist where you can ask extra Q,coming SOON!! Also group calls are available, contact to set up the call !!!

I am delighted to help  and make a difference in your life !!!!


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Heart and Mind the new way of living !

So heartkeeper 150x150  Heart and Mind the new way of living !what is that mean? heart and mind new way of living? What that mean is to connect our heart and mind! Most people would say but I am connected with my heart and my mind ? what are you talking abut? Are you truly? I have to say, before I began to learn and understand the difference I was asking the same question. Sometimes the challenges in our life’s are the one that are pointing out that something is out the alignment. When my world started to crush around me I did not have anything to hold on to it. What was happening around me was very painful and to my environment I was a stranger. They could not figured out what I bin experiencing and I could not explain to them, since nothing made sense in they world. I was living in two different worlds. I am sure you can relate to it if you had an awakening experience. This is how my journey started. Practically I found myself in the ocean of nowhere. Talking about being lost….fast foreword 20 years ,the world is totally different today. The world is moving from being intellectually oriented to heart felt holistic or harmonious living. Blending business and spirituality creates whole new life. People are not satisfied with business and living anymore that is coming from what is in it for me /us but what can I/we do to help to assist you or them.They recognize that the old thinking is holding them back the paradigm has to shift.We need new thinking ,new words that will take us to new heights.When the minds move from words of judgment,blame ,guilt ,control the emotions will stop to respond with pain and hurt our heart will finally be able to open up and hold love for every living being on this planet. As they say when the heart and mind are in right place we have the harmony or balance! But all this will not happen without you. So be aware how you use your mind and your thoughts.Because the heart is the architect, mind is the builder. I call the heart the boss and mind the manager. Life in this order is much more colorful then other way around….this is how I found out that my heart and mind are connected and dancing together.What is your story? Are you able to blend your business and your life in more holistic and harmonious way?



Welcome to Global Wellness !

atlas its time for your bath 150x150 Welcome to Global Wellness !      Welcome  to my new blog and be a part of global     community that supports health and wellness !                Being in health and wellness over 18 years I was privileged to meet lath of people and touch many lives . Living in Europe, then over 20 years In Maine and presently in Florida taken me on the journey of self discovery. At the same time a had an opportunity to learn four languages and live with many culture. Learning and experiencing diversity and yet at the same times recognize that we all have same needs. We want to be loved ,cared for respected and have JOY in life.We are living in challenging times jet at the same time of great opportunities ! As with anything in life we need some new tools that will help us expand our consciousness and create awareness for the new paradigm that is opening in front of US. We cannot continue to live the way we bin until NOW , meaning we  have to give up some old beliefs, old habits old programs that are holding us back as HUMANITY ad new tools that will facilitate change.

 Changes are happening in all area of life and we all have a part to play. Transformation is name of the game and is not always welcome because is related to change and new and that is unfamiliar and moves us out our comfort zone. I spend years and years on self growth and development which is the best investment I ever made and also meat many experts ,masters in the healing and wellness community. This new platform is allowing me to be the information highway for knowledge, facilitate healing , coaching , classes ,wealth opportunities !

Global Wellness is about helping many people as possible to open up for healing, get the old wounds cleaned out and allow joy to come in! Open the mind and have the capacity to hold the content for the new paradigm.

When you shine you cannot help but impact every cell of your body ,your environment ,your country, the Globe , the Universe ! Are you ready for the ride and for the adventure ?  Welcome to Global Wellness and be part of awakening International community.

Love ,Life and You ! The gift you want to give yourself first and then share with the world !



New picture old foundation

observer 150x150 New picture old foundation      I am sure you bin asking yourself the question many times what is going on or why ? If you bin stepping out of your regular daily life for short period of time you noticed. When we step out of the matrix or regular routine our personalty starts to crave actions,wants to do something.If we are not giving any homework or something to do, it will try to search in old data base something that is not finished and trow us of the loop where we bin so securely positioned. Ring familiar? Did you noticed is happening more and more. Did you ask why? We are hearing so many stories but no matter what, the change is happening.When I start to focus my energy on something I want to change, the reality I am in right now is starting to change since my focus is on  what I want to create. Practically I am shifting my energy and moving the assembling point As I do that the old foundation I am on right now is starting to crumble and fall apart. The good news is that I am aware what I am doing. Now lets  take this into the world ,many companies ,business or what ever  are changing to what they want to create, so the structure what they had before is falling apart and people are losing jobs or they position . So the dilemma becomes that they have to reinvent themselves or struggle and if they are at certain age becomes very hard and difficult.This creates chaos ,frustration which creates insecurity and fear which then impacts human body and starts to break down. Talking about getting out of our comfort zone. To start a whole new life, beliefs ,point of view ,thought patterns all of them has to get re-evaluated  to match the inside and outside  picture. Often you want help and support from experts to get you in right direction. Be the change you want to see in the World. Is your internal and external picture matching ?


RankSpeed – internationalwellnessnet.com:

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Conference Call University – Love, Life and You !

my phone lightens my load 150x150 Conference Call University – Love, Life and You !Register here for the weekly event: Conference Call University – Love, Life and You !


Love , Life & You !

 Register here for the weekly event: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3052635515    or check here:www.planetteleclass.com/weeklyclasslist.htm
0203121641a  Love , Life & You !
We are in the month of astrological sign of Pisces ! You either love it or you hate it.There are two side to everything but fish has very interesting characteristics,the most intense of them are FEAR and breaking the old CYCLE or old HABIT’S. As we are closing the big age of Pisces ,the last 2000 years you can flash back the history and see it for yourself. We can see the big picture and at the same time the individual experiences. Most important is to see how much we have grown as collective or how much we still have to overcome.Going through my own personal growth and transformations I started to understand the hidden challenges and road blocks that have much deeper meaning then what is given to the senses or the eyes.I recognized, to have a lasting transformation a had to go down the rabbit holes confront the shadows, integrate them bring home the lost parts. What is the most challenging part is you are dealing with the unknown world ,the world of buggy man and is scary! Well this is Pisces ,the last sign in the zodiac that encompasses all other signs and if you do not know them then it will be scary, every one of them has it own character and qualities, have they own energetic signature.When I work with my clients I love to incorporate intuitive astrology to find the road blocks and challenges, which gives us a quick breakthrough and also the pattern of energy. So what all of this has to do with love,life and you. It frees you to love unconditionally,by having all the love, your life is in flow not in struggle and you are the one who is in driver seat of your life ! The navigation is becoming simple because you now know how to use the compass of your emotions,direct your mind and not just being on the autopilot and reacting to the outside World. And the most exciting part is you do not have to fix anything because nothing is broken you just need some new tools in your tool box and expanded consciousness that can hold the new content ….

Want to know more about classes and holistic coaching for quick breakthrough contact Magdalena Winkler.


Words,phrases or memes and human health….

It is now known for long time that words , phrases or memes have a great impact on human mind ,body ,emotions …you may not be aware what is happening but they will go into subconscious where you have a hard time to trace them …did you ever experienced this:”you set a goal or intention”… and no matter what you do and try to make it happen just does not happen ??? You get told you are not focusing strong enough, you desire is just not there…..or just stop focusing on negative… not knowing that the collective consciousness has a grep on you ….and this can go way back when….. holistic coaching is about to get you from autopilot /unconscious responding to a conscious driver and creator of your own life…..

life expectancy of people living in the developed world.

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ShoutOUT®: Guest Blogger: Tapping into Your Creativity

ShoutOUT®: Guest Blogger: Tapping into Your Creativity


Living YOUR paradigm!!!

Living YOUR paradigm!!!
Are you dealing with stress,pain,feeling stuck, frustrated ,not knowing what to do???you can feel the old structure is crumbling and jet missing to connect to the new one?? You can feel this disconnect from your body and emotions ,you mind is trying so hard but nothing is moving….you bin reading books attending seminars but you are still dealing with this missing link…..so what is it???
So let me ask you: do you have interest in personal growth and development,conscious living ,are you a entrepreneur of life or just simply want to learn more about yourself….?!!!!
Then this is for you!!! I want to share with you my experience working with human body and how intricate our body is and if we work with,listen to it how amazing it can be and the capacity to communicate with you to let you know when you are in or out the alignment to it wholeness.
What you will learn is why you feel the way you feel ,what is going on and what you can do about!!!
We are in times of change and we can’t use old approach,old belief’s ,old value’s…
How can you stop to blame and take control in our hand having the right tool’s….
Take responsibility for your life and take actions that will direct you where YOU want to go!!
Without this first step nothing will change !!!!
It start’s with YOU!!!! ..and you even don’t have to travel ,enjoy it from the comfort of your home !!!!!
Register here;



Create a new paradigm

Online teleseminar: Create a new paradigm!!

Are you interested in personal growth and self awareness ?
Are you entrepreneur of life or just simply want more from life and want to be connected to like minded individuals like you!!!
You will learn what is holding you back ,why and what you can do about .
Bring more harmony ,balance and get tools to work with …
Are you ready to step into the new paradigm???
Register here:

And you even don’t have to travel,attend from the comfort of your home :)!!!
As a bonus you will get 30 min. free coaching with me after the teleseminar
Dare to live the dream!!!!

The Elegance of Your Wounds

The Elegance of Your Wounds


Happy 2011…

delerium 300x225 Happy 2011...Happy 2011…
I am always excited about a new year!!!! I love to go to walk in the city see smiling faces everybody is in a great mood and then the fireworks!!!! There is something about them that gets under my skin.I love the colors ,spectacular radiance ,all the play they perform in the sky !!! But I think something deeper happens because there is so much noise ,colors , and disruption crates almost chaos and as you know chaos breaks the patterns, so this year I figured out, this is why I love the fireworks!!! Audio and visual noise creates chemical change in the body that is connected with such a excitement, being surrounded with huge group of people we intensify this feeling.This is same as when you watch you fevered game and the whole stadium is an the feet…nothing ells exist but that moment ,moment of NOW!!! How exciting!!!! Great way to bring myself into present moment and share with others.And what is even more exciting the whole world is part of this energy momentum for least 24 hours.Did you ever watched for 24 hours celebration around the world ??? I did and it was spectacular…!! So I just want to continue with my excitement and want to share with the world !!! Have a great year 2011 ,keep smiling , love life and what you do…. the rest will be taken care!!!!


Making a diference….

Tonight I was watching “Dancing with the stars” and in between they bin showing the incoming voting results.So I felt I was in two different worlds.What they had both in common was “who will be the winner!”.But as I was watching the finale speech of the candidate I recognized the big difference.The dancers had to work hard and make effort to bring the best out them self to get votes for they performance .The politicians depended on they promise to the public and they are always big .Now from here the question is will they keep that promise??My wish and hope is that this politician wake up,open they heart and recognize that people’s dreams bin put in them and see that they bin chosen by promising to make a difference!Let us stop thinking one is better then other that is never giving as any solution let work on who will get the JOB done as they sad they will do so we can have WIN-WIN for all of us….lets make a difference.


Living in the greater awareness….!

We are living in this high speed lifestyle and honestly sometimes is hard to keep up with everything.In my years working in health and wellness I was amazed how difficult it was to bring the client back into they body.They energy was spread all over and no wounder they didn’t have enough energy by end off the day.Since I moved from Maine to Tampa/Florida and traveling on road shows I have even greater opportunity to observe people.And is amazing !!!!Stress, fear,daily struggles ….all are lowering individual energy’s.This are energy’s that we are dealing on daily basis but there are energy’s that we are dragging for long time and are also impacting our life’s. Many time’s we bin told just forget about them or think positive and you will be fine,but somehow nothing changed.I bin working on myself for many ,many years and still working .And I had great teachers ,attended many seminars ,listen to many calls… This is not about destination it is about the JOURNEY!!!It is about living in the greater awareness,it is not about “doing it” ,it is about “being it” and remembering who we truly are….but to get there we have to bring all our peace’s home and this is not always easy.There is lath of stuff out there about our self we would like to hide and push away.There is incredible pain that we may hold in our “HEART’s” and until we open the door and give that pain a voice there is no healing !!!! To live in the greater awareness you have to face all part’s of yourself….parts that we left behind ,parts that are crying to come home .Happy EARTH DAY!!! She is crying for all here children….!!! M.