New picture old foundation

      I am sure you bin asking yourself the question many times what is going on or why ? If you bin stepping out of your regular daily life for short period of time you noticed. When we step out of the matrix or regular routine our personalty starts to crave actions,wants to do something.If we are not giving any homework or something to do, it will try to search in old data base something that is not finished and trow us of the loop where we bin so securely positioned. Ring familiar? Did you noticed is happening more and more. Did you ask why? We are hearing so many stories but no matter what, the change is happening.When I start to focus my energy on something I want to change, the reality I am in right now is starting to change since my focus is on  what I want to create. Practically I am shifting my energy and moving the assembling point As I do that the old foundation I am on right now is starting to crumble and fall apart. The good news is that I am aware what I am doing. Now lets  take this into the world ,many companies ,business or what ever  are changing to what they want to create, so the structure what they had before is falling apart and people are losing jobs or they position . So the dilemma becomes that they have to reinvent themselves or struggle and if they are at certain age becomes very hard and difficult.This creates chaos ,frustration which creates insecurity and fear which then impacts human body and starts to break down. Talking about getting out of our comfort zone. To start a whole new life, beliefs ,point of view ,thought patterns all of them has to get re-evaluated  to match the inside and outside  picture. Often you want help and support from experts to get you in right direction. Be the change you want to see in the World. Is your internal and external picture matching ?

About Wellness

Owner and CEO for over 16 years in health and wellness. Practicing massage therapy, reflexology, energy work,. holistic coaching ,facilitating classes for personal development and spiritual growth. Dedicated helping others by sharing my experience and knowledge, challenges ,what was helpful and what was not . Encouraging others to engage them self and become the driver of they own life,moving from being a victim and being on the autopilot and just reacting to life to become active participant and start navigating in the direction of they own heart desires !! Love life and love your SELF ! This is the most important start and from here the sky is the limit !! Now are you ready?

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