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 Hello World, podcasting for conscious living, co-creating as the conscious observer. Being aware what’s going on around us and be a co-creator of our reality at the same time. Information field for Global community and a new thinking in the Era of the paradigm shift.


My New Podcasting: Hello World   

I did retire my show Conscious thought with Leo and started something new. I wanted to do something where I could do the recording when I have time and I am inspired and be able to post anytime. As I sad this is a whole new experience to me and let’s see where will this take me and the podcasting. I also want to incorporate some interview’s since I like to share other amazing people who are making such a great difference in the world with what they do.

The title is “Hello World” and was a spontaneous action. I love to share with others, bring information and more…. so thank you for beeing a supportive listener, please feel free to share what is important to you and freely ask questions!


thank you note for every languageThis show is retired since Sep.04.2016. You can replay still the archives until BBS totally shuts down. After that, you have to subscribe to BBS  to hear the replays . Thank you being a great supporter of that show.

Welcome to my radio show page” Conscious Thought with Leo” 



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My next show is on Jan. 21 .2015, 5:00 pm (PST) with guest Yelena Loginova. Introducing the new science-technology of consciousness, health & rejuvenation, ability to access the Divine consciousness  and the teaching of Grigori Grabovoi. Tune in!

Interested in older episodes?  

Access My Archive:   http://bbsradio.com/onsciousthoughtwithleo#archive132


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