Andrew Kimbrell: The GMO Reality Check – Organic Connections; Education and information is the key .It is sad that we are living in  the 21 century, have so much knowledge and great technology, we could use for greater good for all of us without harm to humanity and nature.This is a great article about GMO . Andrew Kimbrell: The GMO Reality Check – Organic Connections.

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Owner and CEO for over 16 years in health and wellness. Practicing massage therapy, reflexology, energy work,. holistic coaching ,facilitating classes for personal development and spiritual growth. Dedicated helping others by sharing my experience and knowledge, challenges ,what was helpful and what was not . Encouraging others to engage them self and become the driver of they own life,moving from being a victim and being on the autopilot and just reacting to life to become active participant and start navigating in the direction of they own heart desires !! Love life and love your SELF ! This is the most important start and from here the sky is the limit !! Now are you ready?

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