Welcome to Global Wellness !

      Welcome  to my new blog and be a part of global     community that supports health and wellness !                Being in health and wellness over 18 years I was privileged to meet lath of people and touch many lives . Living in Europe, then over 20 years In Maine and presently in Florida taken me on the journey of self discovery. At the same time a had an opportunity to learn four languages and live with many culture. Learning and experiencing diversity and yet at the same times recognize that we all have same needs. We want to be loved ,cared for respected and have JOY in life.We are living in challenging times jet at the same time of great opportunities ! As with anything in life we need some new tools that will help us expand our consciousness and create awareness for the new paradigm that is opening in front of US. We cannot continue to live the way we bin until NOW , meaning we  have to give up some old beliefs, old habits old programs that are holding us back as HUMANITY ad new tools that will facilitate change.

 Changes are happening in all area of life and we all have a part to play. Transformation is name of the game and is not always welcome because is related to change and new and that is unfamiliar and moves us out our comfort zone. I spend years and years on self growth and development which is the best investment I ever made and also meat many experts ,masters in the healing and wellness community. This new platform is allowing me to be the information highway for knowledge, facilitate healing , coaching , classes ,wealth opportunities !

Global Wellness is about helping many people as possible to open up for healing, get the old wounds cleaned out and allow joy to come in! Open the mind and have the capacity to hold the content for the new paradigm.

When you shine you cannot help but impact every cell of your body ,your environment ,your country, the Globe , the Universe ! Are you ready for the ride and for the adventure ?  Welcome to Global Wellness and be part of awakening International community.

Love ,Life and You ! The gift you want to give yourself first and then share with the world !


About Wellness

Owner and CEO for over 16 years in health and wellness. Practicing massage therapy, reflexology, energy work,. holistic coaching ,facilitating classes for personal development and spiritual growth. Dedicated helping others by sharing my experience and knowledge, challenges ,what was helpful and what was not . Encouraging others to engage them self and become the driver of they own life,moving from being a victim and being on the autopilot and just reacting to life to become active participant and start navigating in the direction of they own heart desires !! Love life and love your SELF ! This is the most important start and from here the sky is the limit !! Now are you ready?

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